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Know your right about boundary fence rules NSW

Know your right about boundary fence rules NSW

Have you decided to build a boundary fence rules NSW? Have your neighbors decided it’s time to rebuild their fence? Allow us to walk you through all you need to know to keep yourself and your neighbors pleased.

For our NSW clients, Toyo Group will be the best place to act today. Would you please tell us your questions concerning Australian fence requirements in other states to address them in our future blog article?

The Dividing Fences Act 1991

When constructing a new boundary fence rules NSW, the first step is to notify your local government.

Check to see whether your new construction has gained municipal approval and if any local fencing rules apply.

There is precise regulation and resources to resort to when it comes to partnering with a neighbor. This will assist you in legally resolving issues.

The NSW government released the Dividing Fences Act in 1991. It governs neighbors’ obligations for separating fences and is intended to assist you in resolving disagreements without resorting to violence.

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You can come to your own accord without using the act; it is only necessary to disagree. However, you and your neighbor should agree on the following points to avoid any problems, and both sides should sign a formal agreement.

  • height 
  • material 
  • fence position
  • color 
  • cost + any additional costs 
  • fence removal arrangement

Boundary fence rules NSW 

“A dividing fence is a barrier separating the land of neighboring owners, whether or not it is on the common boundary,” according to the statute.

Liability of boundary fence rules NSW work 

In the case of neighboring lands with short dividing fences, an adjoining owner is obliged to pay the cost of fencing work that resulted or would result in establishing a dividing fence of a standard that does not exceed the requirement for a sufficient separating fence.

An adjoining owner who wishes to construct a dividing fence of a higher standard than the standard for a sufficient dividing fence is responsible for the fencing work to the extent that it exceeds the standard for a fine dividing fence is responsible for the fencing work to the extent that it exceeds the mean on an excellent dividing fence is responsible for the fencing work to the extent that it exceeds the standard for a sufficient dividing fence is responsible for the fencing work to the extent that it exceeds the standard for a sufficient

If your boundary fence rules NSW requires immediate repair or replacement because it has been damaged or destroyed, each adjacent property owner is responsible for half of the cost.

If you and your neighbor cannot agree, it might resolve the disagreement in a Community Justice Centre. If you don’t reach an agreement within a month, you can file a complaint with the Local Court or the Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

On the Toyo Group website, you may read case studies regarding various neighborly problems.

Fence height between neighbors for boundary fence rules NSW

Residential fences should not be higher than 1.8 meters. You must contact your local government to inquire about their policies. On the Toyo Group website, you may learn more about fence height rules.

The best way to prepare for installing a new separating boundary fence rules NSW is to do as much research as possible beforehand.

In the long run, having explicit knowledge of what has been agreed upon and the commitments associated will save time, headaches, and money.

For more detailed advice, you can always speak to your local team.

Who should pay for fence repairs?

Any fence repairs should be divided 50/50, according to the standard rule. When the fence is broken due to one of you being negligent or irresponsible, the expense of restoration is generally borne by the person who caused the damage.

If you can’t come to an agreement, a court or land board can decide who pays.

Can my neighbor look over your boundary fence rules NSW?

There is no legal right to privacy in boundary fence rules NSW. So, if a neighbor can see or hear what is going on in your backyard, they are permitted to do so.

Aside from requesting your neighbor to stop, you might try to hide their view by raising your fence or planting bushes or trees along the border of your property. (Keep in mind that a court can compel you to remove a hedge or plant that is larger than you need and hinders your neighbor’s sunlight or view.)

You might also wish to invest in more substantial curtains if they are peering into your home.

If your neighbor’s actions become harassing or intimidating, you should contact the police and request an Apprehended Violence Order.

Contributions when urgent boundary fence rules NSW is required

If the neighboring neighbors cannot reach an agreement, one neighbor may use Section 11 of the Act to issue a Notice. It must include the following information in such notice:

It’s worth noting that an adjacent property owner contributes to the fencing project.

The expected expenses of the work, as well as how it will split those costs among the neighbors;

A detailed description of the land on which it will do the work, including whether it will do the work on the boundary fence rules NSW or another fence, ideally concerning a plan or surveyor’s design; and the length, height, and kind of fencing to be installed as well as the sort of work to be done.

This notice should be physically delivered to a neighboring owner or posted to that owner’s customary or last known residential/business address.

If your neighbor merely signs the agreed quotation and approves on the quote that they agree to the proposed fence work, it will meet the need for a written agreement.

If you have an issue with a dividing fence, contact Toyo Groupto speak to experienced experts today. 


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