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Modular fence Sydney

Modular fence Sydney

Modular fence Sydney produced by Toyo Group can be a good choice because it can be used in different places and has different uses.

Modular walls north sydney

( Modular Green Walls )

In the following, we will fully examine the uses, advantages, and disadvantages of this wall.

Modular green wall; Where are they used?

As mentioned, the modular green wall is a relatively new technology that is used in the interior and exterior of buildings.

Today, we see modular green walls in residential buildings, hotel lobbies, commercial and office buildings, shops and restaurants, and so on.

Introducing the modular green wall

Before we talk about the modular green wall, consider that the green wall is a relatively new word that is used in various interior decoration projects and plays the role of a living element.

Modular green wall brings freshness to your home! When it comes to walls, it means a smooth surface that has no attractive appearance!

But today, the modular green wall has entered the field of decoration, and green architecture is also very important in this regard.

Choosing the right plant for modular green walls is very important. If the green wall is to be installed outside the building, there are some restrictions on plant selection, so that climate change outside the building affects the plant, and plants that are compatible with the native environment should be used.

Green designs are very valuable these days in European countries and Australia. Part of the wall is covered with vegetation and another name for that wall is alive. Of course, it may also be known by names such as biological wall and vertical plant wall. Modular green walls can be produced in different dimensions.

Advantages of Modular Green Wall:

The modular green wall is valid in environmental, social, and economic space so that it can be considered as an in-depth look at home greenery.

Some important advantages of the modular green wall:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Creates a pleasing atmosphere
  • Creates a green space with minimal water consumption
  • Adjusts the indoor temperature
  • Attracts the birds (modular green walls outside the building)
  • Indoor air purification (if purifying plants are used)

Modular fence Sydney that designed by Toyo group has a quick and easy installation so that it is visually compatible with the space inside the building and can be very eye-catching.

Due to this choice, you can have a good green space with the least amount of water consumption.

Good green space is very important in this regard. You will also be allowed to adjust the indoor temperature. If a modular green wall is used outdoors, it is a great element for attracting birds.

This type of wall can also be suitable for purifying polluted air inside the building if purified plants are used.

The modular green wall is a wall that breathes and reminds people of being alive and fresh.

Modular green walls have advantages over other models of green walls, which we mention a few of them:

  1. Wide coverage of surfaces
  2. installation in different forms and shapes
  3. Installation as a static system
  4. Installation of an intelligent irrigation system on them
  5. Using different types of plants and changing them

Uses of modular green wall

Modular green walls can be easily used to design balconies and terraces. This style of decoration is also used for residential buildings and stairs and corridors.

The ability to run the green wall as a standing and vertical plate and its implementation requires proper chassis that must be observed.

Modular fence Sydney which is run by the Toyo group has numerous attractive products. One of the interesting features of the green wall is that it can be repaired.

If the flower box used for this wall is made of galvanized sheet with furnace powder paint and some of its components are damaged for any reason, the conditions for repairing the wall will be provided.

The modular green wall brings greenery and freshness into your life and gives a unique comfort to family members, especially in areas that consist of less green space. Modular fence Sydney gives a natural and luxurious look to the house.

Due to the possibility of installation in various forms, this type of green wall is used in minarets, on which an intelligent irrigation system can also be installed.

You can use modular green walls in restaurants, hotel lobbies, pavilion walls, etc.

It is due to proper shaping and construction in Different shapes that can be easily installed and implemented in small spaces.

Modular green walls in the restaurant

The performance of the green wall in the restaurants makes the guests have a pleasant experience of eating along with the pleasant aroma of fresh plants with eye-catching colors, as well as an environment with cool and clean air.

Advantages of using Modular green walls in restaurants

Improves the air quality in your restaurant thus increasing the convenience of the space for guests.

Absorbs pollutants and volatile compounds into the air. They reduce dust, which causes various allergies. Plants have a calming effect.

Uses of modular walls in the operating room:

Modular antibacterial glass walls of the operating room:

Antibacterial glass walls are a safe alternative for making operating room walls, which have much wider advantages than the old methods such as tiles, ceramics, etc., which are used today in countries with technology.

Toyo Group modular green walls are designed, manufactured, and installed with the latest technologies and international standards.

Some of the advantages of this type of wall are as follows:

  • Very smooth surfaces of glass compared to ceramic tiles, etc. cause a significant increase in antibacterial properties and prevent bacterial growth
  • Very easy to wash
  • Variety in color
  • Ability to install all kinds of medical gas, sockets, monitors, watches, etc.
  • Fire resistant
  • Durability and long life
  • Use of galvanized coated iron structure
  • Ability to install on the previous walls without the need to demolish the building
  • Earthquake resistance.

For more information about Modular fence Sydney, visit our projects on the site.


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