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One of the topics that has always been discussed about the installation of timber fences in Australia is the “timber fencing North Shore”. In this section, the main topic of our discussion is related to this timber fencing North Shore. For this purpose, we must first determine what kind of fences are called timber fences? Why do we use timber fences? Are timber fences better than metal fences? In this article, we will look at different aspects of timber fences. This article also tries to provide comprehensive answers to your frequently asked questions. So join us to get useful information about the timber fencing North Shore.

What kind of fences are called timber fences?

First of all, it should be said that wood has always been considered by artists as a constituent of tree trunks. Throughout history, artists have produced amazing wooden structures. From stunning wooden sculptures to buildings with wooden walls. Timber has always been used as construction by cutting down tree trunks. The reason for using wood in artistic structures has been the amazing strength and beauty of this valuable material. Many in Australia are looking for a timber fencing North Shore. Because timber fences are not only very beautiful but also very durable and strong. Depending on the architecture of the house you live in, metal fences may give your home more beauty. But many buildings in Australia look more beautiful with timber fences.

What timber is used for fencing?

This question has been answered in previous articles. As mentioned there, cypress and pine wood has always been used for fencing. One of the characteristics of trees used for fencing is their high durability. Of course, it is not easy to say what type of wood is used for which type of account. Usually, the most common type of wood used in fences is pine wood. The high durability of pine wood has made it widely used for fencing. The red web is also very high quality, but its higher price than the pine tree allows it to be used for fencing. As you can see, the timber fencing North Shore was not as simple as you thought. So you can get a lot of good information from this article in this regard. Stay with us.

How much do timber fences cost?

Estimate the initial cost for installing a wooden fence with a standard height (1.8 meters) can be seen in this section. This starts at $ 75 per meter. For this purpose, we draw your attention to the average cost of some common types of wooden fences: for fences made of pine wood, the price is $ 75 to $ 120. If you choose hardwood for fencing, you should consider $ 90 to $ 125 per meter. But as a luxury fence, we can mention the treated pine timber slat fence, which will cost us from $ 280 to $ 350. Also, if you choose pre-primed treated pine fence for your house fences, you should set aside $ 320 per meter. But the highest price per meter belongs to the hardwood Merbau fence with a height of 1.5 meters. You have to pay $ 330 for each meter of this fence. This prices is also true in timber fencing North Shore. So, if you live in North shore you can count on these written costs.

Do I need a permit for a wood fence?

If we want to answer the question whether we need permission from the government to install a timber fence or not? We must first fully define our purpose. For example, we do not have such permission from the government to install timber fences around someone else’s house. Of course, this was a very clear example. But the nature of installing a wooden fence or timber fence around the house where we live does not require legal permission from the government. Of course, standards must be met in this regard. For example, the height of the fences and the direction of the main gate. All these standards can be inquired from the municipality of that area. For instance, if you live on the North Shore, searching for ” timber fencing North Shore ” may give you information. Regardless of all these, if you buy your timber fences from a specific company, you can get this information from that company.

How long does a wooden fence last?

The answer to how long timber fences last depends on usage. Of course, this question is much more complicated than just relating it to consumer use. Many conditions affect this. Such as the type of weather and the amount of maintenance that comes from these timbers. But with all of this in mind, we estimate the average lifespan for timber fences to be around 15 years. However, many of these fences may last less than ten years. But the same fences in different climatic conditions and very good maintenance can live more than 30 years. If you have finished the life of your old fences in the North Shore, you will comfort yourself by searching timber fencing North Shore for a long time.

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