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Things that you can do with your next Modular Walls project in Sydney

if you are considering modular walls for your next project in Sydney, read along this article to find out about the different styles and designs of these segments. Modular walls have become very popular since they are easy to install, time convenient, and also, they finish up cheaper than other types of traditional walls like brick walls. Modular walls are being used in commercial and residential project sites all across North Sydney and North Shore for several years now. Our landscaping company can provide modular walls and installation services for them altogether.

Top modular wall project designs in Sydney

As mentioned before, utilizing modular walls has seen a daily rise in recent project designs in North Shore whether residential or commercial. In past, most people thought about modular walls as ugly concrete panels that can only be used in highways, construction sites, parking lots, and other places where the concept of beauty wasn’t a big deal.

However, this is not true in the days we live in. panel walls don’t mean that you should give up a crisp, beautiful look to some cheaper, easier material. Toyo Group is trying to make sure that every customer, no matter the budget they have considered for their project, can take the benefit of a beautiful design for their walls in their project. The budget is not a significant game-changer anymore.

Toyo Group has been delivering modular wall project installation all around North Sydney. We have been trying to update ourselves with more modern and beautiful designs every day so that anyone can benefit from a more efficient wall with any design they wish to have. Below are some of the projects that people and designers have come up with to use on walls and they can be performed modular walls as well.

Framed succulents

Using a vintage picture frame and some chicken wire, you’ll make a marvelous living ‘painting’ on the modular wall panels. Carefully plant small baby succulents, mixed with discussing plants, in each diamond of chicken wire to form a lavish magnum opus. Furthermore, you’ll utilize the normal colors to form designs inside the work of art!

Old wire hangers

They’re horrendous for hanging clothes on but brilliant for DIY art projects. Take all those old wires – the rustier, the better – and reshape them however you would like. For a few multimedia wall art structures, utilize the wire to border mirrors, make a web of gemstones or indeed lace a few air plants to incorporate the natural world.

DIY Mosaic tiling

If you had accidentally smashed a beautiful urn in the house and your wife is mad at you, don’t worry. You can also find use in broken pots, bathroom tiles, broken mirrors, and many more stuff to create a mosaic wall art feature.

Moss graffiti

Moss can be valuable in terrariums or as ground cover in rock gardens, but the foremost imaginative utilize is to enhance your outdoor modular walls with moss graffiti projects. This one is very popular in Sydney and the areas around. Blend a clump or two of moss, 2 cups of buttermilk, 2 cups of water, and half a teaspoon of sugar, and paint away! However, in case you’re stressed that the fabric of your wall may be harmed by the moss’s dampness, paint the moss onto a board and hang it like you would any other portray.

Actual graffiti

Labeled trains and jots on the sides of fences have sullied the title of graffiti – but its aesthetic merits are quick picking up notoriety and regard as a built-up artform. On the off chance that you have a consistent hand and a creative mind, why not snatch a few spray cans, cut out some stencils and go to work!


In case spray painting appears too tricky, go back to basics and choose up those paintbrushes. A mural can be fantastically simple to execute with the correct instruments – basically utilize a projector to pencil your design onto your outdoor wall and begin to portray!

Fairy light patterns

Fairy lights have made a chic come-back in open-air design as of late, trailing up trellises and bordering patio eves. This idea can make beautiful scenes in nights of North Shore and can be performed on modular walls projects as well. For an innovative however simple idea, utilize nails to make a designed way for your fairy lights. Numerous fairy lights are moreover solar-powered these days, empowering them to control themselves and switch on consequently when it grows dark.

Multimedia collage

Combining old, leftover materials is an astounding way to make a textural craftsmanship piece that includes profundity and intrigued to a blank wall. Tiles, timber, metal, stone, common objects, rope – a collection of scraps within the carport can be turned into a bit of interest with the proper creative mind.

Rope wall art

Including further to the weaving ideas, rope craftsmanship is another extraordinary way to up-cycle materials into an offbeat open-air plan. Utilizing ties, winding, bending, braiding, and weaving strategies, you’ll make an astounding design that’s enriching in its claim right, or can be utilized as a net to hang other things off.

Macramé wall weaving

This wall art thought has seen an enormous rise in boho home plan as of late and could be an excellent way to fill a few spaces. Numerous online instructional exercises, such as the one over, can be found for straightforward but shocking DIY macramé and weaving, with a variety of plans. All of this project designs can be performed on modular walls in Sydney and other parts of Australia. Just make beyond any doubt you employ materials that can withstand the components for your open-air perfect work of art!

modular walls project North Sydney

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