Are you looking for safe, stylish, and secure side gates Sydney and side gates for houses? Privacy, safety, and security are all important considerations. Once installed, every gate we make provides this. We have a wide selection of long-lasting, attractive, made-to-order gates that may be used as a security solution for a family home, factory, company, block of flats, secure side gates, or bustling garden.


At Toyo Group, customized gates suited for driveways or pedestrian access are supplied and installed by fencing manufacturers. Your gate can be constructed from any of our regular fence designs, or it can be custom-made to your requirements and aesthetic.

If you get a new side gate from us, we can create a fence that exactly complements it. If you already have a fence, we’ll do our best to match it with our vast selection of materials and colors.

We will adapt your choice of the gate to provide access as a sliding gate, swinging gate, pedestrian gate, or automatic opening system, depending on the layout of your business or residential property. Therefore, for more information you can call our experts.



Made to Measure Gates and Fences in Sydney

For antique residences and heritage-type cottages, wrought iron gates and fences are a typical choice. Wrought iron gates and fences have a timeless charm and increase the appearance of your property when they are custom-made to match your style of architecture.

In Sydney, Unique Wrought Iron specializes in wrought iron gates and fences. We have a wide range of designs to choose from, all of which may be completed in the color of your choice to match your house.

Unbeatable warranty on your side gates Sydney

In our company, the construction industry is more concerned with cost than with the building’s long-term viability. As a result, the majority of side gates Sydney items are of the best quality.

We believe that a project should withstand the test of time and survive the whole life of the structure. This entails doing things correctly the first time. If low-cost, low-quality work needs replacement, you’ll pay a lot more.

Our work is centered on good engineering and design. Good design encompasses a wide range of elements, some of which may be overlooked by the untrained eye. We pay close attention to the smallest details and adhere to the right specifications to produce a well-designed and well-built product. We offer side gates Sydney with more years of warranty.

Toyo Group side gates Sydney

Side gates Sydney are essentially your home’s back entryway. They create a strong statement and leave a lasting impact. We can customize the style of your gate to match your fence or create a complete fence and gate solution at our company.

Whether you need manually controlled or mechanized side gates for houses, we’ve got you covered.

With or without spears, your wrought iron fence can be made of a tube or solid steel. Our side gates are completely custom-made to your specifications. For a uniform look on both sides, the bars are soldered precisely in the middle of the frame.

Side gates Sydney installation costs

Whether you’re wary of people turning around in your side gates Sydney, want to increase home security, or like the appearance of a gated, you’ll want to research the prices of this home improvement.

To begin, it can install a side gate in one of two ways: automated (operated by electrical devices and protected by electronic locks) or manual (operated by hand) (requires someone to exit the vehicle, open the gate, and close it behind themselves after entering).

It’s simple to figure out which of the two styles is the cheapest. Even yet, there are still improvements to be made to driveway gates. Some open with a swing, while others open with a slide, and they can be built of various materials.

All of these elements impact the price of a driveway gate installation and must be considered before getting started. Keep in mind that local zoning and safety requirements must also be respected, especially when it comes to gate width. After all, most municipal fire codes demand that a firetruck passes through the gate and surrounding fence or columns with ease.

Why choose side gate Sydney in our company

Would you mind choosing from one of our standard designs or having side gates Sydeny built to complement the architecture and age of your home?

Endless Design Options

We have such a large selection of designs that it will spoil you for choice. Every element, including size, length, material, color, and finish, may be customized.


Use a free drawing to visualize your side gates for houses design.

For your peace of mind, all of our gates come with a written guarantee.

Talk to Us Today!

Please feel free to contact Toyo Group for a quote or expert assistance. Any queries you may have will be gladly answered by our helpful customer service team. We encourage you to come to our Sydney showroom to see our impressive range of side gates Sydney.

We have a gate option for you, whether it’s for your business, your house, or your company. We serve the whole Sydney region, and you can depend on us to deliver only the highest quality fence at competitive pricing.

We provide high-quality, custom-made gates to meet your requirements. You can depend on us to supply you with exactly what you need, whether it’s an automated sliding or double side gate.

Your gate will become a feature of your house, with various styles and colors available. Our gates are available in single swing leaf, double swing leaf, bi-folding, and sliding configurations. It can control gates manually or remotely through remote control. We provide a large selection of bespoke pedestrian, rear, and side entrance gates to fit most residential and business needs. Our gates are available in single or double swing and come in a variety of patterns and colors. Your gate or fence will become a focal point of your house.


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