Timber fence in Sydney

Timber fence in Sydney


Timber fence in Sydney

Timber fencing in Sydney and North Shore, fence panels, and timber fence palings in Sydney are the most charming appealing ways to guard your garden. We’ve got a rigorously chosen range of timber fence in Sydney and timber fence supplies in Sydney so you’ll be able to trust years of experience and skill to help you select the proper timber fence installers and repairs in Sydney for your home.

We offer an exclusive vary of reasonable, pressure-treated fence panels, heavy-duty featheredge panels; dip treated Waney Lap, and overlap panels, like lattice and trellis panels. We additionally stock spare timber panel parts – excellent for repairing a broken fence or changing the height or width of a timber fence.

At Toyo group, we pride ourselves on our unbelievable client service and professional recommendation and providing our customers with the most effective quality timber fence in Sydney making us one of all the leaders in timber fencing in   North Shore.



If you’re searching for timber fence supplies in Sydney , we provide a large vary of timbers in several sizes and designs, to have your property looking well finished and distinctive.

We additionally supply a variety of different fencing designs and materials. This includes the timber fence palings in Sydney. In addition, we will offer you rails, capping, posts, palings, and plinth to make your fencing job an entire success. Also, timber fence installers and repairs in Sydney are forever accessible.

Timber fence types in Sydney

Here we are planning to mention some of our timber fence panels available in our company:

Premium fence

Our premium timber fence in Sydney is built from solid, natural timber, exploiting rebated frames to confirm strength and sturdiness. Every one of our premium fence panels is extraordinarily designed and made so you’ll notice the proper timber fence supplies in Sydney for your garden. Our stock of premium fence panels is on the market in types of designs and is appropriate for many fence posts.

They are appropriate to be used with both normal and Reeded timber fence palings in Sydney and posts or can fit inside the ‘H’ section concrete posts. If you want to use these panels with concrete gravel boards, a pair of timber fillets is needed.

Heavy-duty fence

Our high-quality, heavy-duty garden timber fence in Sydney are provided in a pressure-treated finish to confirm that they’re hard-wearing in all climatic conditions. Our wide selection of heavy-duty timber fencing in Sydney and North Shore includes double-sided, featheredge, flattop, and bow top, and palisade choices.

The practical design of our heavy-duty fence panels makes them completely peep-proof while guaranteeing that wind passes through, making them ideal for locations with high winds.

Traditional fence

Our high-quality, traditional timber fence in Sydney includes the featheredge panel and also the Waney Lap panel.

The Waney Lap is reasonable softwood, dip-treated fence panel. This horizontal, reversible overlap timber fence panel is totally framed with vertical supports on either side, making a solid barrier for privacy and boundaries. The panel width may be simply altered, and also the height will vary from 600mm to 1800mm. To make these panels last more longer, maintenance them annually with paint or preservative.

The featheredge panel of course is a sturdy, golden brown, dip-treated panel, accessible with either a square or bow top. Designed using a medium frame, vertical overlap panels and horizontal supports, the featheredge timber fence in Sydney panel creates a reliable and traditional fence that’s less vulnerable to flex in the wind. A variety of heights is out there for this panel, from 915mm to 1815mm.


Often called picket fencing and most often seen before gardens, timber palisade fencing panels give an ornamental and traditional look, excellent for marking boundaries and deterring unwanted guests. The variety of our palisade fencing includes the Elite palisade panel and also the round top panel.


Full lattice or crested lattice timber fence in Sydney panels in 2 weights. Each grade of our lattice panels is totally framed and has a diamond lattice pattern.


Our planned trellis fence panels are sturdy and robust, excellent for climbing garden plants, and also the heavy trellis is made to resist high winds. Require fewer timber fence repairs in Sydney.

Willows fence

Willow is a sustainable, natural material and our willow timber fence in Sydney panels is flexible enough to provide a recent, trendy or traditional look to your garden style.

If you need timber fence installers in Sydney for each kind of fence, we will help you.

The inevitable benefits

A timber fence not only looks nice, but it also fits in effortlessly with your surroundings, significantly if you live in a rural area. You may not get this same result with a fence created out of different materials like steel.

When it is about installation, timber fencing in Sydney and North Shore is fast and simply customizable to suit your desires. As timber fence suppliers in Sydney are set up piece by piece, this makes it very simple to repair in the event of damage. If only one picket or stake has become broken during a storm, it will simply get replaced with timber fence repairs in Sydney.

Timber fence in Sydney is cheaper than steel fencing therefore it’s an excellent choice if you’ve got a limited budget. You’ll be able to go with either a clear timber fence or you can select something a bit more ornamental. Even if you wish for an additional elaborate style, with timber fence installers in Sydney it won’t blow your budget.

Toyo group

Turn your property into a lovely place with Toyo group’s services. Landscaping, soil pumping, decking, concreting, etc are services we provide for our customers. You can always trust our professional teamwork. Call us today.

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