Toyo Group is one of the best wood fence contractors in Sydney, that presents a wide variety of fencing services in Sydney including wood fence, aluminum fence, steel fence, etc. if you are looking for a good fence installer that can provide cheaper wood fence, and other types of fences in Sydney, you came to a right place. Toyo group is a landscaping company that provides many more services, generally to help you design, change, or maintain the looks of your home or commercial property.

Wood Fence Sydney


Wood fence services sydney , we provided in Sydney

Down below are the services provided by our landscaping company for your precise needs:

Fence installer services in Sydney; wood, aluminum, steel

Toyo Group, as a wood fence contractor in Sydney, provides fence installation and fence maintenance services. Fencing is a basic component of your home. Not only it is a practical way to keep your children and pets secure, but it can also clearly mark your property lines and increase your home’s overall value. In the event that you’re trying to find fence builders near you or in case you just need to have your current fence replaced, we’re the specialists to call. We are going to send experienced, completely insured fence contractors who will wrap up the job on time and on budget.

Fence gates act as safety boundaries and give security for pets, kids and whatever else belongs on the deck. In the event that you need a fence gate installed on an existing fence, or you need one installed together with your new fence, Toyo Group can offer assistance.

In spite of popular belief, fences require maintenance. In reality, it is suggested that you simply have regular maintenance performed to avoid the harm from spreading. Toyo group as a wood fence supplier with lots of experience can provide all the services you demand from a wood fence installer in Sydney.

Landscaping Services

Besides providing unique and affordable services like a cheaper wood fence, our landscaping company provides Landscape Design and finish in Sydney. Below are the different services provided in this field.

General Bed Maintenance/Detailing

This service includes weeding, ground-cover trimming/controlling, debris removal, evacuation of spent blooms, checking and removal of browning leaves and branches. This is often a must-have service since it guarantees your yard maintains its curb appeal all through the year.

Spring/Fall Clean-Up

A more in-depth cleaning which includes everything in common bed upkeep and the addition of perennial and grass dividing, bed edging, mulch raking, and seasonal perennial trim down. These services are like “deep-cleaning” of the scene one to three times per year.


Pruning and hedging at the right time of year for each sort of plant are fundamental to plant wellbeing and bloom performance. By hiring a professional, you have plants pruned at the ideal time for their species. Pruning is done to preserve shape or estimate, expel went through sprouts, evacuate dead/diseased appendages, and advance development. Supporting is ordinarily forming plants into geometric shapes. Both are imperative to the scene.

Soil & Mulch pumping

Toyo group provides Soil & Mulch services in addition to its signature wood fence services in Sydney, using high-tech instruments. Our trained group leverages this technology to introduce in the highest productive and exact way conceivable. The system is remote control operated, and we will change our application rate as we move from region to region. The volume of output can be quickly adjusted to a minimum flow for spreading around sensitive plants or tuned up higher in more wide-open ranges.

Indeed the largest mulching projects can be brought down to size. With a extend of over 500 feet, inaccessible areas, such as steep embankments, can be secured quickly and effortlessly with mulch compost or soil mixes. Covering parks and playgrounds with safety chips is quick and cost-effective. There’s no need to disrupt the activity or cause inconvenience. Our blower hoses can get to areas where the use of heavy equipment is prohibitive, or even not normally permitted! Why hold up, contact us to learn more and get a free quote.


Have plans to match your backyard with the great wood fence services you have just installed? Toyo Group can help you construct it. With our decking services in the Sydney area, it’s less demanding than ever to bring the deck you’ve been imagining to live. At that point plan your deck installation with one of our professional independent installers and let the deck building start. We can supply all the materials as we are one of the large wood fence supplier companies in Sydney.

The Cost

Since components like size, materials, and custom details, the cost of deck installation changes. But that’s where we will offer assistance. Your deck installer is here to work with you each step of the way to guarantee your deck fits your vision whereas remaining within your budget.

The Materials

Whether you’re considering wood or composite deck installation, choosing your decking material is a critical step in the process. Pressure-treated wood is a reasonable option, and it’s treated to resist rot, mold, and insects. However, it does require the most maintenance to keep it looking its best. Composite materials are solid and the perfect choice for a low- to the no-maintenance deck. They also come in a variety of colors, giving you the flexibility to select a color that complements your space. If the wood is your material of choice, you can always select to paint or stain it to deliver it the look you want. And don’t forget about the details. Customize your deck to suit your fashion with deck railings, deck posts, and finishing touches like post caps, stair lighting, and more.

Anything you have in mind for your deck – just like what our wood fence contractor team can do with the fences – we are here to make sure the work gets done the correct way. So, plan a meeting and make your dream deck happen with offer assistance from us.


Driveways are a critical part of any landscape. With the proper plan and material, driveways can add to the tasteful appeal of your home or commercial property. We have a group of highly experienced specialists who can provide residential and commercial property owners with a diverse cluster of concrete driveway solutions. We offer various driveway services to suit your needs.

We offer a smooth operation right from the beginning conceptualization, through planning, to final paving. Each of our designs and establishment work is one of a kind and can be individually tailored to suit your particular requirements and to complement the existing design of your property.

Painting services for wood fence in sydeny

Wood fence services need care and maintenance, especially in a place like Sydney. One of the methods of taking care of your wood fences – and your wood fence installer will probably tell you the same – is painting them. For exterior painting, it’s critical to choose the proper paint that can withstand cruel climate conditions. At Toyo Group, we offer remarkable exterior painting services plus our unique wood fence services in Sydney for private and commercial properties.

We moreover handle a full extend of professional deck sealing and staining administrations. New paint or stain can make a part of contrast to a worn-out-looking deck. It is additionally a cost-effective way to expand the living space of your home. Decks are subject to the damaging effects of dampness and sunlight. Prolonged presentation to the exterior elements can make decks vulnerable to wood-decay fungi and wood rot, especially in cheaper wood decks and fences in Sydney and suburbs. This leads to splits and splinter arrangement making your deck messy and unsafe. We take care of everything vulnerable with our high-quality painting service at Toyo Group.

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